Privacy policy


Informative report on the treatment of personal data

Dear User,
in compliance with art. 13 of Legislation Decree 196/03 stating the norms that ensure personal  data protection, SEPAL S.p.A., in its office as "Personal Data Controller", is requested to  supply you with the following information regarding the handling of Your personal data. Your personal data are handled within the frame of our corporate activity for the sole purpose of  providing the technical assistance required.
To this same purpose, Your data may be released to SEPAL S.p.A. or to SEPAL S.p.A.'s suppliers/consultants.
Submitting the  necessary personal data for the attainment of such purposes is not mandatory and you do it of your  own will.
However, any refusal to submit such data will entail the impossibility to attain such purposes. For the development of our relationship, only common personal data will be handled.
Personal data are handled with the help of manual, electronic and IT tools according to procedures which are strictly connected with the a.m. purpose and, in any case, in such a way as to guarantee  the maintenance of secure information.
This is done by means of the previous application of suitable security measures provided for by Leg. Decree n° 196/03. Data will be recorded into a data base and/or stored on hard and/or magnetic supports.
All handling operations as per art. 4, point 1, letter a) of L. Decree 196/03 will be carried out. In particular, computerized handling enables to classify data by types of technical assistance provided and/or by the type of machinery interested.
Your personal data are collected and recorded to the exclusive purpose of attaining the stated goals under the a.m. purpose and will be stored in such a form as to allow to identify
You for no longer than twelve months; at the end of such period the data will be destroyed or made anonymous.
Your data will be handled in a lawful and correct way and will be updated subject to your notice.
Under no circumstances will Your data be disseminated.
The list of SEPAL S.p.A. and SEPAL S.p.A.'s suppliers/consultants may be requested by contacting the "Personal Data Controller".
Your data may be accessed by employees, collaborators or operators within our Company.
Such people have been named "appointed persons" as per art. 30 of Leg. Decree n° 196/03 according to their respective tasks, in order to carry out, on SEPAL S.p.A.'s account, the data handling operations which are necessary to attain the a.m. purposes.
Your data may also be accessed by SEPAL S.p.A.'s temporary personnel or by contractors carrying our operations on SEPAL S.p.A.'s account requiring to handle Your data in order to carry out their tasks.
This personnel too has been appointed by means of a suitable letter.
Finally, you are hereby informed that under art. 7 of the named decree your are granted specific rights. In particular, you are entitled to request our Company:
a) to confirm the existence of any personal data regarding you, even if they have not been  recorded yet, and to hand them in a comprehensible form;
b) to inform you on the source of the personal data;
c) to inform you on the handling purposes and procedures;
d) to inform you on the applied logics in case of computerized handling;
e) to inform you on the name and position of the Data Handling Controller;
f) to inform you on the subjects or categories of subjects personal data may be released to, or those who may access data in their capacity as appointed people;
g) to update, correct or, if of any interest, integrate data;
h) to cancel, make anonymous or block data handled under breach of law, including data whose storage is not necessary for the purposes to which data were gathered or subsequently handled;
i) to certify that the operations under points g) and h) were reported, also regarding their contents, to those subjects to whom data were released or disseminated, except for the cases when such reporting proved impossible or required the use of means that were manifestly out of proportion as compared with the safeguarded right; You are entitled fully or partially to object to the handling of personal data concerning You for lawful reasons, even though these data pertain to the purpose for which they have been gathered.

For further information please contact SEPAL S.p.A., sending a written request to the following address: via Caduti del Lavoro 1,  25030 Lograto (Bs), Italy.